Translations, Interpretations & Business Development Consultations


It is always exciting to start a new business or career overseas. However, when you visit a foreign land for the first time, you may need some assistance whether it be interpretation at meetings, trade shows, or document translations.

There are many good interpreters or translators in Japan. However, many of them may not have the same level of real business expertise that I have in many different fields.

Throughout my career as a business development manager, I have experienced a variety of cultures and businesses in Japan as well as in the overseas markets in areas such as manufacturing, machinery, automotive parts, cosmetics, fine chemicals, and even forest material.

Having bilingual assistance with business knowledge and experience in Japan can be crucial to helping your business or career grow here. I can even accompany you at your stand or booth for a trade show and assist your sales or business development in Japan.

My services include:

  • Translation of documents from Japanese/English to English/Japanese
  • Interpretation from Japanese/English to English/Japanese for business meetings
  • Attendance at trade shows/exhibitions as an interpreter
  • Business development consultation or assistance per contract
  • Airport/station/pier/hotel pick up and drop off

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