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A Beautiful Aerial Virtual Tour of Japan

This is an opportunity to see the beauty of Japan from the comfort of your own home with my virtual tour experience. I will provide a running commentary with local insight and perspective as you see the stunning landscapes of the Land of the Rising Sun with rarely seen before views! Fire up your computer, phone or tablet for a panoramic view of my beautiful country.


Check out Senjojiki, Sandanheki, Hashigui-Iwa in Wakayama prefecture from the sea and sky

Be blown away by the beauty of Kyoto and Hozukyo in fall

Go on a virtual scenic drive of Hiruzen and Daisen and see how the landscapes glow in the red, gold, and orange colors of fall

See Innoshima Island, the home of Murakami Suigun, from sea and sky

Be amazed by the ruins of Suigan Fortless of Noshima Island in the middle of rapid currents

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Trip Details

Trip Details


JPY 3,000



How it works

Please contact me and you will be emailed a special link to join the virtual tour once we have agreed your itinerary and your deposit has been made.


30 minutes

Group size

Minimum 4 to start

Participation requirements

Computer, tablet, or smartphone which has the software to participate in the group meeting. GoPro Quick software is highly recommended for a 360-degree view.

Cancellation policy

No fee is refunded in case of cancellation within 3 days of the virtual tour date.

Recommended Sample Itineraries

My private virtual tours of Japan have been carefully filmed and produced to give you an amazing aerial view of my beautiful country. You will take a virtual trip through Japan in fall and experience it like never before. Please take a look at my sample itineraries for just a taste of my virtual tours have to offer!

Click the accordions below for my sample itineraries:

  • Matengai & Tsutenkyo in Nishinoshima Island
  • Jodogaura in Okinoshima Island
  • Sunset at Rosokuiwa area in Okinoshima Island
  • Takachiho Gorge & Kunimigaoka in Takachiho, Miyazaki
  • Kyusuikei in color in Kokonoe, Oita.

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