Your Most Popular Questions Answered!


No. A recommended sample itinerary is just that – a sample. What I offer are tailor-made private tours carefully crafted with my guests. I want to make sure you never miss your dream destination. I usually combine your must-visit destination with seasonal and limited opening sites in your private tour. This is because I want to make sure that you leave my country impressed and full of happy moments. Thus, please do not hesitate to tell me what you would like to do during the tour.

If you cancel the tour, please do so 7 days before the tour date.

If you have paid 100% of the tour cost then we will deduct 50% of the paid guide fee as well as a 10% administration fee upon cancellation.

If you have only paid the 50% deposit then we do not offer a refund.

 If you cancel within 7 days of the tour date, the paid guide fee is non-refundable.

Yes, I have done tours for many guests who require special attention or assistance.

By understanding your needs during the inquiry stage, I will suggest if you would like to use the private vehicle or try the tour with public transportations.

For the itinerary of your private tour, I will carefully pick the places and attractions that are best suited to you for a better, more comfortable experience.

During the inquiry process, I will ask you about your dietary requirements as well as if you have any health conditions you feel I should be aware of. This is to ensure a safe and happy tour experience. However, please bear in mind that the availability of restaurants for vegetarians and vegans in Japan is still limited.

Yes. First and foremost, this is your private tour. Secondly, I am flexible. Over our conversation during the tour, you may come up with different ideas or desires, then, upon your consent, we may modify your private tour according to your desire as long as they are feasible and finish within our agreed time frame.

I will decide if the weather is suitable for us to take the tour. However, if I decide to cancel the tour due to weather or a natural disaster such as a typhoon or earthquake, we will deduct 50% of the paid guide fee as well as 10% of the administration fee.e fee shall be refunded after 10% of the administration fee is deducted.

If the guests decide to cancel the tour for their own reasons on the tour date or within 7 days of the tour date, no refund will be made.

We usually use public transportations like trains, subway, or buses. Most popular Japanese destinations have a very efficient network of public transportations and this is the most economical way.

However, at times, for our convenience and to save time, we may use taxis, but only if you agree (I will ask you during the tour). Please keep in mind that most Japanese taxis can hold up to 4 pax/vehicle.

If you need a private car for a day, the private car or van shall be hired for the duration of the tour at an extra cost. Applicable toll and parking fees are extra. Please inquire with me to pay the fares in advance.

This is your private tour. All the tours I offer are custom-made based on your desires and preferences. If you ask me for a kid-friendly tour, I will prepare and submit a tour proposal to you accordingly.  Please do not hesitate to consult me, children of all ages are welcome on my tours.

I usually complete private tours as planned. However, please keep in your mind that this is your private tour. I do not rush you to move to the next destination so that we will visit and see everything. I want you to enjoy the tour at a pace you are comfortable with. But I also have to make sure that you do not miss your must-visit places. For this reason, we may expedite our tour by taxi from point to point with your agreement at additional cost. I really appreciate your kind understanding that we may have to skip or alter the itinerary during the tour based on your pace.