Private Tour Guide Fees (max 4 guests)

Hours: 9AM to 5PM

  • JPY40,000.- 5 to 8 hours
  • JPY50,000.- 9-10 hours (Hiroshima from Osaka/Kyoto or Two cities combo in one day, e.g Kyoto & Nara)
  • JPY28,000.- up to 4 hours

Hours: 5PM to 9PM

  • JPY33,000.- up to 4 hours


Breakfast: JPY1,500 (Or minimum breakfast cost at the hotel I stay in case of overnight stay)
Lunch: JPY2,000
Dinner: JPY2,500

  • I usually have meals with my guests. However, in case that the guests request their privacy for meal time, I do charge the above mentioned balance for applicable meals.
  • If the breakfast is included in lodging cost, no breakfast will be billed.

Important info

  • The duration of the tour shall be continuous 4 to 8 hours between 9AM to 5PM.
  • No half day tour is offered during the Peak Season (i.g. Mid March to May)
  • Hourly rate is available upon your request. But we recommend that you may book the fixed hour rate for better value.
  • If you need to extend your tour, we can offer you the extended tour with an additional hourly rate.
  • Please contact me.
  • The transportation cost, entrance fees, and meals of the guide are additional if applicable.

Booking Procedure

2. Discuss your itinerary

3. Once agreed, pay your deposit online.

Method of Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • Japanese Yen only.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required through Paypal upon booking.
  • Remaining balance shall be paid in 7 days advance before the tour date through Paypal (link for deposit)
  • In case of cancellation for refund, 10% service fee will be deducted from the balance refundable.
  • No refund after 7 days prior to the tour date in case of cancellation.

Please contact me in case of the following conditions

  • For a group larger than 4.
  • For an early start before 9:00 or if the tour ends after 17:00 or 21:00. In this case, there might be a charge for an early start.
  • Cars, mini-vans, or a bus with a driver available, but with an additional cost.
  • The terms and conditions of my guiding service are subject to final confirmation.
  • Travel insurance during your stay in Japan or tour is highly recommended. I am not responsible or liable for any accidents, injuries, illness, or damages during the tour.
  • The tour may be cancelled or terminated at my own discretion prior to or during the tour.