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Japanese Foodie and Nightlife

kappo chef serves a couple

Have you ever been too shy or worried about the language barrier to enter a Japanese bar full of happy-looking locals? If mixing with the natives in a Japanese bar is your ideal experience then let me open the door for you to experience those fun places and ensure you enjoy the Japanese nightlife.

There are a variety of bars and pubs called izakaya, robatayaki, or tachinomi of Osaka where many locals enjoy hopping from bar to bar after enjoying their evening meal. It is called “Hashigo”. Hashigo actually means “the ladder”, but here in Japan, we use this expression for a pub crawl. So let me be your guide to a classic Osaka pub crawl.

“Tachinomi” is part of the bar-hopping fun. Tachinomi is a bar that offers no seats but a variety of bar foods. After work, many Japanese people usually have a couple of drinks and a bite to eat before they head back home. Each tachinomi has its own specialty foods such as “Doteyaki” or “Kushikatsu” or some special sake or liquors. Some of the bars are directly owned by sake breweries and there, you can enjoy rare editions of sake or shochu. Here in Kansai, you can find some Tachinomi bars open at 6 AM for the workers finishing their night shifts.

It doesn’t have to be all about bars and drinks, you can also enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at the small and hidden Michelin star restaurant “Kappo”. “Kappo” style was born in Osaka, and it means “cutting” and “boiling” foods. Meanwhile, if you are in Kansai in wintertime, you may try “Mushi Sushi” (Steamed Sushi) to warm yourself up. This restaurant is still run daily by an 80-year-old man!

Whatever you choose to do, you are in for a unique and fun night and I will assist you to enjoy the true Japanese nightlife!

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