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Onsen (Hot Springs)

onsen hot spring

Gold, silver, blue, green, and even red! Imagine soaking yourself in one of those colors for your ultimate relaxation experience.

Picture yourself far away from the busy and bright lights of the big city and staying in one of the typical Japanese Onsen Inns in the countryside looking up at the clear blue skies during the day or by the star-filled skies at night. Onsen is the one attraction you cannot miss in Japan. Onsen is the ultimate luxurious way for you to revitalize yourself after days of touring in Japan. Some of the spa water is squeezed out of our mother earth and is 6 million years old seawater. Japan is a land famed for its number of active or dormant volcanoes. These volcanoes help to create the pressure that heats up the earth and creates mineral-rich spa waters.

Soaking yourself into this water is more like dipping yourself directly into natural health supplements. Your aches or pains may instantly disappear. You can find Onsen spa water even in the busy downtown if you have no time to visit specific Onsen destinations, but if you need a break before you head back to your home country, or you want to energize yourself during your tours in Japan, I will assist you to enjoy the hidden remedy of Japan. Yes, Japan is the Onsen Land!

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