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Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

two women (one native Japanense, one tourist) preparing a traditional tea ceremony

Tea ceremony, or “Sado” (茶道) in Japanese, is not simply serving tea as a form of hospitality. It is a way of communicating with your guests for a better understanding and to build relationships. Moreover, in an intimate traditional tea room, you will find other traditional Japanese tools of hospitality, such as arranged flowers and hanging calligraphy scrolls each with a special meaning.

Would you like to learn more about the essence of Japanese hospitality? I can offer you a private tea ceremony at the tea master’s residence in the suburbs of Osaka. Or we can travel to the island of Innoshima in the beautiful Shimanami Kaido area, where you can experience an authentic tea ceremony held in a classic country villa built 80 years ago by a wealthy Kyoto merchant. I am confident you will gain a good understanding of the foundations of Japanese hospitality once you partake in a beautiful bowl of matcha (green tea) with me and the master of ceremonies.

Please note: The availability of the tea ceremony is subject to final confirmation of the master.

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