Takuya Yanagisawa


Your Premium Private Tour Concierge In Japan

My name is Takuya Yanagisawa and I am a National Government Licensed Tour Guide and Interpreter based in Osaka, Japan. I invite you to allow me to guide you around my beautiful and fascinating country where you will learn all there is to know about Japanese culture and history while having a good time. As a local to Osaka with a university education in North America, I have the perfect mix to be your expert, premium guide.

Whether you would like an in depth tour of the major sights or just an insider’s guide to the back alleys of major Japanese cities, I can provide a fun day or/and night for you to enjoy.

Maybe you would like to dine with the real local folks at an Izakaya (Japanese pub) or Tachinomi (standing only Izakaya bar) without being confused by Japanese customs, menus, and staff. Perhaps you want to eat where the locals eat or maybe you would like to have an excellent Kappo dinner at a hidden Michelin star restaurant. As well as my range of tours, I can also provide the following types of expertly guided experiences:

Bar-Hopping in Kansai is a must for many, and with me as your guide, you will be able to enjoy the delicious bar foods at the many standing only “Tachinomi” or traditional Japanese dining bars “Izakaya”. So, if you would like to experience the local food and nightlife, my private night tour is the perfect pick for your stay in Japan.

Sake Breweries or Japanese Whisky Distillery tours are essentials for those who appreciate the craft of alcoholic beverages. So if you would like to visit the breweries and distilleries where the famous alcoholic drinks of Japan are made then I can be your expert guide in navigating these classic spots.

Maiko/Geiko Dress-Up is your opportunity to dress up like a Maiko or Geiko in Kyoto at the hands of real Gion professionals. I will direct you to one of the best-kept secrets for Maiko makeup and dress-up. You will have to book at least one week in advance as the professionals take only two clients a day.

Visiting an Onsen is a chance to experience and relax at the famous hot springs of Japan at some of the best, lesser-known spots.

Anime is an essential part of modern Japanese culture and if you love anime and would like to visit the locations of some of the world-famous Japanese cartoons, I can guide you there!

Japanese Tea Ceremonies are an important part of Japanese tradition and I can guide you through the process with a master of ceremonies and you can learn about the foundations of Japanese hospitality.

Contact me today to plan your perfect private Japanese experience. Click the cards below to see my experiences pages for more information.