Breathtaking Views From Mt. Rokko

Enjoy Fresh Sake & the Famous Kobe Beef

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites

Explore Cosmopolitan Kobe & the UNESCO Castles in Himeji and Akashi

Whether you want to just see the modern city of Kobe or take a train to the UNESCO castles of Himeji and Akashi too, my exclusive tour of this spectacular area of Japan can be customized just for you. Akashi is also well known for fresh seafood and sushi is one dish you can’t miss. Alternatively, you can stay in Kobe and admire the view from Mount Rokko with a delicious glass of Kobe wine or beer. Don’t miss the authentic aspects of Kobe – just 30 minutes from downtown Kobe. Here, you can choose gold or silver water, or even both, for your spa with the ultimate relaxation package at the oldest hot springs in Japan, Arima Onsen. Take a train to Himeji Castle and gaze at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Or maybe you would like to try skiing or sledding down the artificial ski hill at Mount Rokko in wintertime. You could even build a snowman!